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A word about our team

Skilled employees with ample knowledge in their respective field and are having three years or more industry experience in Upwork our employees maintain an average of 4.77 out of 5 in all projects we executed and a success rate of 100%.

Our team establishes top – notch communication with our clients for a hassle free process of project completion.

Our Team

Anandan Govindarajan


• The developers of VerifiedWork comprise of highly trained and qualified software engineers, designers and programmers who have been working and growing together with the organisation for many years.

• Our CTO Anandan Govindarajan has more than 21+ years of industry experience.


Ashok Kumar

Senior Software Developer

Mr Ashok Kumar is a senior software developer who is a creative problem solver, he is responsible to lead the development team until is the project is completed on on-time. He takes on the managerial role for all software development tasks and he is responsible to verify and deploy programs and systems.


Nandhini C

Software Test Engineer

Mrs Nandini is a software test engineer who is responsible for evaluating software functions and to design test protocols to ensure products work as intended. She is also responsible to write test conditions and test cases. She also provides software test demo for the clients and also takes part in regular scrum calls to establish and clear communication with the clients and answers their queries.


Lakshmi Anandan

Senior Software Developer

Mrs. Lakshmi Anandan is a senior software developer. She is responsible for talking through the client with their requirements, maintaining systems once they are up and running, integrate software components and produce efficient codes.


Manimegalai R

Lead Generation Specialist

Mrs. Manimegalai is a lead generation specialist. She is responsible in helping the firm to attract potential clients, maintains a streamlined sales strategy can boost sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Lekha P

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ms. Lekha is a digital marketing specialist. She is responsible for maintaining a brand by working on marketing campaigns , performing market research, strategizing with market essentials.


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