Project Management

"Project Management is the art of completing a certain project within the stipulated time within the given constraints. At VerifiedWork, we have compiled experts of project management into a team to accomplish the project through product-based planning which is an output-oriented method for a successful project."

Project Management


At VerifiedWork, we determine the process of initiation as a phase to shape the nature and scope of the project and this lies as the base of the project. Our experts are very keen on shaping this stage as everything requires a strong base. Our project management team follow a series of documentation which includes various details such as your proposal, scope, the hierarchy of work structure and deliverables, a series break of day-to-day tasks to be completed, SWOT analysis, roles, and responsibilities assigned to various team members, your budget analysis, your aims through this project and how to report deficiencies.


A dedicated project management team at VerifiedWork will plan projects in such a way that the time, cost, resources required adequately to complete the project and efficiently manage risk-free project execution. The plan plays a vital role in the successful accomplishment of the project. At VerifiedWork we plan on the basis of methodology, objectives/scope statement, compiling the team of experts required for planning, resource activity, financial requirements, quality assurance measures, evolve risk-free planning and process to begin work.

Execution & Documentation

Execution and Documentation

During the execution of the project, to make sure all the deliverables and resource's day-to-day tasks are executed accordingly. At VerifiedWork, we believe documentation of everything is the key for a project being successful, we maintain physical documents for budget each task assign. Documentation throughout the project helps our clients to get back and access their needs.

Monitoring and controlling

After execution of our project, we closely monitor the performance of other teams promptly to identify potential problems with corrective solutions can take, this ensures the project performance is on high standards. Our monitoring and controlling team overview the ongoing project activities, project variables such as cost and effort with the project management plan against the performance baseline, the project manager will check on if the changes approved are approved by the testing team are implemented. At VerifiedWork, the project management service doesn't end with the completion of the project but provides continuous support for its end-users by correction of errors and updates of the product/service/application over time.

Monitoring & controlling


At VerifiedWork, the closure of a project includes the formal acceptance of the software and the administrative activity. Documentation will be archived. We conduct closures of contracts which comprises of complete settlement of each contract that applies to the project or project phase. Another method of closure at VerifiedWork is to close the project where we finalize all activities across all of the process teams and formally close the project.

Project Management FAQs

  1. What is a Project Management Methodology?

    There are a number of different ways of managing a project depending on the nature of the project and a Project Management Methodology is the particular approach that also will be used for any given project. A PM methodology provides a standard method for completing a project and ensures it is managed in a controlled and consistent fashion. It aims to ensure that the project delivers a high-quality product on time and within budget.

  2. What is the Role of the Project Manager?

    The Project Manager is responsible for each stage of the project and the final outcome and works closely with the project team and the stakeholders/clients during these stages.

  3. What is a Project Milestone?

    A Project Milestone is simply a point in time on the project schedule where a certain deliverable will be produced, a certain task completed or a certain event occurs.

  4. What is a Project Risk?

    A Project Risk is an event that may or may not occur during the project lifecycle that is predicted to have a negative impact on the ultimate aim of the project.

  5. What is a Subproject?

    A Subproject is a project that has been divided into a smaller project to maximize control or contracted to another group for better management. A project can be divided into a number of subprojects, each with its own Project Work Breakdown Structure.

  6. What is a Project Phase?

    A Project Phase is a logical grouping of related or dependent activities and their related deliverables. Each Project Phase constitutes a very important milestone in a project.

  7. Who is responsible for the project?

    The Project Manager is directly responsible for the results of the project. He/She should use the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to meet the project objective(s). During the early phases of the project, the Project Manager, working with the project team, should be able to:

    • Determine project goals and objectives

    • Determine assumptions and constraints

    • Define and validate product description

    • Determine project requirements

    • Define Project deliverables

    • Estimate and monitor project resource allocation

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