Software Maintenance

"Software maintenance is the modification of a software after delivery to correct faults and to improve performance or other attributes". System requirements are changing fastly and to meet this requirement some changes are incorporated and maintained in the system.

Software Maintance
Software Maintance


At VerifiedWork, Software maintenance is performed to obtain the results from the software developed by correcting faults, improving design, implementing enhancements, interfacing with other systems. Accommodate programs of different hardware, software, system features, and telecommunications facilities and migrate a legacy software. The maintained system remains useful in their working environment. Maintenance applies to software developed using any software life cycle model.

Categories of Software Maintenance

Corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance of software is essential either to rectify some bugs observed while the system is in use or to enhance the performance of the system.

Adaptive maintenance:

This includes modifications and updations when the customers need the product to run on new platforms, on new operating systems, or when they need the product to interface with new hardware and software.

Perfective maintenance:

A software product needs maintenance to support the new features that the users want or to change different types of functionalities of the system according to the customer demands.

Preventive maintenance:

This type of maintenance includes modifications and updations to prevent future problems with the software. Its goal is to address the problems, which are not significant at that moment but may cause serious issues in the future.

Software Reverse Engineering

At VerifiedWork, Software reverse engineering is performed to recover the design and requirement for the specification of a product from an analysis of its code. If our client had a pre-developed prototype, Reverse Engineering becomes vital in such cases since several existing software lacks proper documentation, are highly disorganized and their structure had to be degraded through a series of maintenance efforts. The benefits of reverse engineering are providing proper system documentation, Recovery of lost information, Assisting with maintenance, Facility of software reuse, and Discovering unexpected flaws or faults. This also enables our developers to add new features of developed software even if our clients would like to update their software. This engineering also gives hand to our team of software testers to run a frequent check of the software for virus and malware code.

Components of Software Maintenance

Change Request: In the maintenance process initially, the change request is made.

Change Management: In this place, the status of all the change requests is identified and described.

Impact Analysis: Identify all the systems and the system products affected by a change request, make an estimate of the resources needed to effect the change, analyze the benefits of the change.

System Release Planning: The schedule and contents of software released is planned. The changes are made to all types of software maintenance.

Change Implementation: The implementation can be designing, coding, and finally testing the changes. Preferably, the regression testing must be performed while testing the changes.

System Release: During release documentation, software, training, hardware will be changed.

Software Maintenance FAQs

  1. What is Software Maintenance?

    Software Maintenance is a program that entitles all clients to access VerifiedWork's software applications to install them on their equipment. Software maintenance is an important component for keeping the site updated with the latest security protection and feature functionality.

  2. Are there any Software Maintenance fees on the new update?

    Software Maintenance is required on all new updates. Software Maintenance fees will be applied according to the terms and conditions of the contract document.

  3. If I have Software Maintenance, do I need a Service Contractor to update the software and activate it for me? Can I do it myself?

    Software Maintenance entitles the site to have access to software, but it does not cover any VASC charges that may apply for installing and registering the software. Many customers can remotely access and download software.

  4. Will I receive a hard lock with my software purchase?

    No! ASDIP doesn’t use Hard Locks or any other intrusive devices. Our licenses are software-controlled, which means that you won’t have to wait for the e-mail to start using your software. You can authenticate your license and start using your software in less than five minutes.

  5. I didn’t evaluate the trial during the evaluation period. Can I download it again?

    Yes, the evaluation period is 15 days, counting from the first time you open the software. This period can be extended, and the same trial will run on the same computer. You will need to install the trial on another computer.

  6. Will I have access to software updates?

    All licensed users will be provided updates to fix reported bugs or add new minor features. However, new versions include major features and code compliance upgrades with a newer design code. All updates to the current and new versions will be free of charge, in addition to the automatic web update system, and the access to tech support.

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